14 May 2007

where in the world is eric?

On Friday, with about 20 hours notice, Eric got shipped off to Portal, North Dakota to test samples of wheat gluten coming into the US from Canada. So Finn and I spend a nice quiet weekend at home. Dog parks and a walk around Green Lake, and I got some work done on the old term paper. Got me a dress for Emily's wedding, though I'm having second thoughts (how blue is too blue?). Eric comes home on Thursday.... I can't wait.


KnitMoka said...

andi - your dress is gorgeous! Not *too* blue at all. Before the picture loaded, I was having visions of Violet Beauregard
on Charlie and the chocolate factory.. you remember. 'Violet is turning violet!' Not at all the case. Lovely dress, lovely blue. You'll look great.

Have any time this week to hook up before Eric gets back?

Heather said...

I agree, the dress and color are fabulous! You will look devine in it! Make sure and take pics and post them! :)