05 April 2007

late for lent

It looks like I should have done my homework before observing Lent. I thought it was just the week before Easter, but is in fact, a 40-day period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Eve. In retrospect, I think I knew that, because it also starts right after Mardi Gras. Oh well. Maybe I'll try again next year. As for now, my truncated version of Lent has gone pretty well. Here's my skirt from yesterday and today's slacks outfit.

The weather is supposed to get up to a whopping 70 degrees tomorrow (seriously, the whole city is abuzz with this information: what war? which viaduct? mariners who? IT'S GONNA BE SEVENTY DEGREES ON FRIDAY!). I hope so, because my new spring skirt is screaming to be let outside....

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