15 April 2007

craft fever

For my birthday, KnitMoka took me to visit the La Connor Quilt Museum. What a fantastic place! Three artists were displaying their collections, Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston, who make the craziest, brightest, hilarious and poigniant quilts, and Marianne Burr who is more fiber artitst than quilter, employing innovative techniques to create some of the finest work that KnitMoka or I had ever seen. Just. Lovely.

Of course, a creative type doesn't leave a place like that just itching to get started on two, three, or twelve new craft projects. I am not exaggerating, either. I could hardly think of anything except getting right behind my sewing machine and pushing out some lovely little bit of fabric piecing. Problem is, that sensation has faded significantly by the time you get home and see the dishes still in the sink and the dog hair all over the floor.

But that didn't stop me from going out today (Eric is still is San Diego) to what has been toted as the finest apparel-grade fabric store in Seattle, Nancy's Sewing Basket. After wandering and wandering, and not finding quite what I wanted for a summer dress, I left with a tank top pattern and some fabric. After further consideration, I may redesignate the fabric for another project and find something else for the top.

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