21 March 2007

Ni raibh am agam scriobh go dti seo*

I celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day at KnitMoka’s farm (Eric had to work), where we let Finn run free with Achilles and Libby. We all pitched in on some farm chores (moving the wood pile, digging a basin for the earth oven and addressing the next phase of the chicken coop) before a delicious dinner of corned beef (both smoked and traditional), crabby potatoes, cabbage and soda bread. We played Trivial Pursuit, where Kevin, Ethan and I (as Team Black Dragon) were the winners! And I think there was some beer in there too.

Running dogs


KnitMoka selecting the location for her earth oven....

...and Frank and Matt doing the work....

...with a little "help" from Finn.

*translation from Gaelic: I haven't had time to write until now

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