14 March 2007

money maker

While working on the new garden area yesterday, Eric found a quarter buried in the soil -- dated 1942.

The garden plot is just about ready, size and shape-wise. All the concrete that's going to come out this year has done so. We still have to add a bunch of topsoil and soil amendments to it, and build up the brick wall a little, but this is pretty close! We've about doubled the size of the garden and we have some nice plans for the rest of this upper area of the yard. (I'm having trouble getting a drawing of our ultimate plan to upload to this site, but I'll keep working on it).

And you may have noticed, Eric is not wearing his glasses because he got contact lenses! So far, so good, but I think he looks pretty dashing with the spectacles, myself. But then again, he is really enjoying not having to deal with raindrops on his glasses.


Heather said...

How awesome! You and Eric have done a wonderful job! It's Stephen's and my dream to have a backyard for growing veggies and other edibles. I'm jealous! Can't wait to see the finished product!

andi said...

thanks! we're happy with it. you should come out and see it! : )