07 March 2007

chain gang

Matt and Frank (usually of beer brewing get togethers) lent us their muscles and life's frustrations yesterday as we made some serious progress on the demolition project in the backyard. My photos didn't adequately capture the amount of work we got done, but I'd estimate that they broke up some 50 square feet.


KnitMoka said...

It looks like you guys have been working really hard! I had better get working on a plan to use all of that concrete. See you this weekend!

andi said...

Thanks! Of course, I feel like a bit of a dweeb taking any sort of credit for this effort -- it's really been "the guys". I just ran around and fetched beer and generally got in the way.

Great blog, btw.... I am looking forward to seeing your place!

matte said...

HAH! andi's too modest and too modest again by half. she enthusiastically took her turn on the sledge just like everybody else. better form than any of us brutes too.

she did keep getting in the way though, that part's true.