17 February 2007


well it certainly figures that the one year I get all vocal about not getting the flu shot.... eric and I both come down with the flu. and on a fantastically beautiful, three-day weekend, to boot. Makes me wonder if I'll just get that shot next year....

13 February 2007

my hero

My cousin Laura is my hero. At age eight, she was diagnosed with Type 1 juvenile diabetes, and at age ten, she went into kidney failure while she was on vacation with her family. She was hospitalized for weeks and after she was released, she underwent months of dialysis. In July of 2005, she received a combination kidney/pancreas transplant—reversing her kidney failure and curing her diabetes all at once. She takes a mound of anti-rejection pills every day, but she is recovering wonderfully and has got her life back. She plays the piano (and the accordion!) and she loves to write and draw.

Why am I telling you this? Laura has never stopped thinking about those kids who still have diabetes, and has decided to participate in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation “Ride to Cure Diabetes”—a 250 member team who will bicycle up to 100 miles through the Santa Rosa area in northern California in June. She has her parents’ and doctor’s support for the ride and I am sure she will do wonderfully. She has to raise $4000 to participate. You can help by making a tax-deductible contribution in any amount and mail it to me (payable to JDRF, who you can check out at charitynavigator.org) and I will make sure they get to Laura. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: XXXams19[AT]onemain[DOT]comXXX (do not include the X's -- just a little spam control). Laura and I thank you in advance.

cozy weekend

We had a great weekend—went hiking with Finn and friends at Discovery Park. Lovely scenery and perfect hiking weather. The wildlife sighting highlight was an up-close viewing of a juvenile Bald Eagle. Naturally, I hadn’t thought to bring my camera.

On Sunday we ate at Beth’s, the Seattle greasy spoon, known for it’s 12 egg omelets (again, I wish I'd remembered my camera). Then we saw Children of Men—grim, but thought provoking. Finished off the day with a rainy walk around Green Lake with the dog and a bowl of macaroni and cheese.