22 January 2007

log cabin

one more quilt finished! I have been working on this quilt through three cities and three years. I started it in 2005 for Jana and Mike's wedding, and didn't get done in time. Disappointed with myself, it sat and collected dust for a good long time before I picked it up again. On and off again, other quilts started and finished in between, but on Friday, I finished it. It's by far the largest one I've done so far (measuring a little more than 60 x 60"). I love the traditional pattern -- the log cabin pattern is traditionally made with a red center square, which symbolizes the hearth of the home....

SAM I am

We went to the Grand Opening weekend of the Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Garden on Saturday. It's fantastic and we're already looking forward to going back. One of the signature pieces is this one, called Eagle, by Alexander Calder, 1971. Eric and Matt liked it alot, but I am reserved, as it seemed all to familiar to me. I haven't written it off yet, and I am inclined to like it, as Matt pointed out, it is destined to become one of Seattle's icons....

We were also pleased to discover that the "garden" part of the sculpture garden was not overlooked. Many native plants were used, and they're only planning on mowing the lawns once a year. An entire beach and functioning aquatic habitat was recreated for the garden (the land was previously owned by Union Oil)....

18 January 2007

another quilt, done

A colleague and I made this quilt together for another colleague who had a baby (sort of) recently. The pattern is called 'Eclipse' and it's by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of FunQuilts, who also designed the 'Marquee' quilt pattern that I used for Zoe's quilt. The arcs were a small challenge, but really not as hard as they look. The colors were fantastic, and the recipeint described herself as "speechless"....

specs: the quilt is about 50" square, and the arcs are pieced (not appliqued). to add a bit of whimsy, we used a star pattern for the quilting.

snow daze

We had another snowy week here in the Puget Sound – here are some photos from our place. On Saturday night, the temperature dipped to 21°F, and with no new precipitation but plenty of moisture in the air, we awoke to the most spectacular ice crystals on everything. It looked like all leeward surfaces were covered with white, magnetized iron filings, and the magnet was on.

our lovely japanese maple with a jacket of sunlit snow and ice....

we brewed beer on sunday, which of course, requires the consumption of beer. not often in seattle are you able to store the beer in a pile of snow....

06 January 2007

Grammy and Sir

When Dad was asked what he wanted Zoe to call him, his answer was a prompt "Sir!"

And herself, with eyeballs.

baby blanket

It has been a wonderful visit to Irvine and to see Cricket and her newly minted parents. Fortunately I finished her quilt in time to give it to them before I have to leave.

[edited to add] This pattern is called 'Marquee' by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of FunQuilts, from their book, The Modern Quilt Workshop.

03 January 2007

little fingers and little toes

a resolution

live a healthier life (eat healthy foods, exercise, play with the dog, do some yoga, spend more time in the mountains and by the water)