18 December 2006

Zoe Anna Beth

After an extra night at the hospital, Emily and Miles brought baby Zoe home on Saturday, and got this lovely shot...

I hope to be getting down there to visit in a couple of weeks -- I cant' wait!

And for those of you who have been asking about our wet and windy status (and thank you for your concern!), Eric and I have fared just fine. We had no damage to our home, and we are one of the very lucky folks who never lost power in the whole ordeal. Earlier in the week we discovered a small leak in our roof, which we immediately patched up and have seen no problems since -- and with the 60+ mph winds and accompanying rain 36 hours later, I'd say we can safely say that our patch worked. Trees came down all around our neighborhood, including our immediate neighbor to the south, and all over town, small evergreen branches and twigs are still in the gutters and in the middle of the road -- as though someone decorated the streets themselves for the holiday season.


Anonymous said...

That's a cute one. Thanks for the blog link. I read through a few other things... What did you think of Desert Solitaire?

andi said...

I assume this is Matt who is asking... DS was good, I really enjoyed the first two-thirds, but the last third, while good, was harder for me to get through and didn't hold my attention as well. In all, perhaps not my favorite book, but I'd recommend it to others.