26 December 2006

christmas comes but once a year....

After a relaxing morning at the house and a leisurely walk around Green Lake, Eric and I hit the slopes at Stevens Pass (~75 miles northeast of Seattle). It was my first skiing since Karen and I went to Keystone, CO, and it was Eric's first skiing in two years. The snow was top notch (for the west coast) and we had a great time.

On Sunday, we went to the San Diego at Seattle football game -- with Eric being one of very few Chargers fans in attendance. I was very impressed at the noise level--both high and low--that the crowd produced at the beginning of each play, depending on who had possession of the ball. Funny that the intimidating man with the shaved head and tattooed scalp who was cheering right in Eric's ear while the Seahawks were winning, suddenly disappeared when the Chargers took the lead in the last 25 seconds of the 4th quarter.

I hope you all had a great holiday season and are busy working on your new years resolutions!

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