06 September 2006

worth a thousand words

I'm way behind on blog posts, but here are some recent photos....

Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Ray visited us in Seattle last weekend and introduced me to my second cousin, Dorothy, who is 99 years old, and sharp as a tack.

The garden has been fantastic -- we've been munching on more tomatoes than you can shake a stick at (four cherry varieties: red grape, green grape, sungold and yellow pear, as well as regular sized early girls), as well as green beans, corn, an artichoke, carrots, zuchini, and blueberries. We have a three-tiered fruit basket hanging in the kitchen right now. Throughout the summer it has held fruits and veggies from our own garden as well as pears, peaches, apples and garlic from co-worker's gardens. I love it!

And of course, a bunch of FinnFotos.

We took him on a hike up Mt. Pilchuck a few weeks ago -- he did spendidly on the 5.5 miles.

During our latest brew party, we found out that Finn loves soccer/basketball.

must. get. all. milk.