05 July 2006

swimming dog

Finn went for his first swim on the 4th at Magnussen Park off-leash area (the dog park to beat all dog parks). Eric and I both waded in and called to him until his feet were paddling and he was swimming! He took to it quickly, but is still clearly unsure about the whole thing. I should mention that just about every dog in Seattle was trying to share the same 30 yards of beach, so it may have been the overwhelming number of dogs (and their owners calling them) that made him nervous, and not just the water itself. There were so many dogs, it’s amazing that the dogs seem to know which tennis ball is theirs.

Finn handled the fireworks just fine, except for the morons in our neighborhood who were setting them off from 12:30 to 1:00 this morning. None of us got a great night of sleep last night.
I remember celebrating the 4th of July as a kid with block parties and dressing up in redwhiteandblue, having water balloon tosses and putting on patriotic skits and songs with the neighborhood kids. As an adult, I celebrated by dressing up my my cowgirl hat, having a picnic with my best beloved and our pup, then having a backyard barbecue of steak (Eric) and salmon burger (me) and grilled corn.
We start obedience training this Sunday, and he has a puppy socialization “play date” on Saturday. Ugh, when did I turn into this yuppie-mother-person? Next thing, I’ll have a bumper sticker on the car that reads “My puppy is an Honor Roll Student at…”
And to give you an idea of what a “long dog” he is….

He also seems to be conditioning to the car... he hasn't been car sick for about three trips now, and seems to like having his head out a little.

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