31 July 2006

status 2

To Do:
*walk Finn
*train with Finn
*mend Finn’s toys
*clean and organize the garage
*clean the house for houseguests this weekend
*quilting and scrapbooking
*laundry & ironing
*hang stuff on the walls

*reading…The Handmaids Tale
*eating…veggie whenever possible
*crafting…emily’s quilt, jana’s quilt, another baby quilt (all equally pressing, and all getting equally dusty), about 3,000,000 baby craft ideas for emily…is it a boy or a girl???

Activities on deck:
*CK & Ray coming to visit in September
*then we go to Baltimore later on in September
*arrange for puppy-sitting for said trip to Baltimore

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

that's such a weird book. i enjoyed it (sort of), but it was weird. 'course, most of her stuff is, from what i can gather. real glass-half-empty kinda stuff.