09 July 2006

smart dog

Finn's first obedience training class was today. His classmates are a big bloodhound named Reba, a Carin Terrier (think Toto from the Wizard of Oz) named Barkley and a 'Teacup' Yorkshire Terrier named Pixel. Finn is the most unruly of the bunch, and it took us some extra time and attention from the instructor to get him to calm down.

I'm writing from the road this evening. I'm in Portland for a meeting tomorrow, then on to a whole host of towns in southern Oregon. My room at the Downtown Waterfront Marriott overlooks the Willamette River (as one might expect), as well as Mt Hood and Mt St Helens peaking it's southern face over the hills to the north. Our flight weather was spectacular, we had crystal clear views of Mt Rainier (up close and personal), Mt Adams, Mt St Helens (the blown-out north face), and Mt Hood. I had forgotten how pointy Mt Hood is in comparison to the other peaks, which all have more rounded-off tops (save for St Helens, of course).

I had a lovely dinner with our dear friend Gail. She tells me that the garden that Eric and I planted at her house last year has self-sowed about 50 tomato plants, as well as some sunflowers.


Anonymous said...

I think that's the same hotel I stayed during the journalism convention my sophmore year in high school. If so, it's painfully easy to get onto the roof.


andi said...

I didn't try for the summit, but there was a lower roof (like a really HUGE balcony) that was right outside my window. Saw people on it, but I didn't try to get there either. Mostly I just sat in a ball, rocking myself as I contemplated the thought of having to attend this huge interagency meeting by myself. Thankfully I didn't have to.