31 July 2006

finn's new friend

We took Finn to Marymoor Park in Redmond yesterday, where he had a play date with Atreides, the dog of a co-worker of mine. Finn had a blast, and I think it really helped him to be around one dog for such a long period of time. He actually played and chased tennis balls with Atreides, and even other dogs. I think he’s turning a corner in his dog socialization skills.

We had a little picnic lunch before the park – our hidden camera caught Eric feeding Finn from the table!

Finn loved the tall grass at Marymoor -- the white tip of his tail makes the perfect locator system for when he’s bounding through it.

There was a great dane play "convention" there that Finn got immersed in (he had to jump to sniff them!). [Tangent: we get asked quite a lot if Finn is a dane puppy. But then, we get just as many people asking if he’s a beagle. Once a guy told me that Finn looked like a pit bull-lab mix. I told him no, he’s a boxer-border collie mix. The guy acted like no, I was wrong, he’s definitely a pit bull-lab. Whatever.]

My dog and me....

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