20 July 2006

biscuits and gravity*

WORK: I had a great work visit to southern Oregon last week. Public scoping meetings and site tour took me from Portland to Roseburg to Coos Bay to Medford to Klamath Falls. And I got to go on my very first helicopter ride! I think we should all travel by helicopter more often.

DOG/HUSBAND: We took Finn to Carkeek Park over the weekend for his first real trail hike, complete with streams and trees and a dirt trail. We also went back to Magnuson Dog Park and he ran ahead of us to the water, and went right in! He even fetched his tennis ball a few times in the waves.

He learns entirely too quickly. We’ve added hand motions to “sit” and “lie down,” which he picked up in about ten minutes flat. We’re also working on “[go] inside” and “off” as in, get off the kitchen counter. He seems to have rather selective hearing on these latter cues.

GARDEN: I took some artsy photos of the veggies – I’m addicted to the macro setting on the camera and love to take very close photos of everything.

* I saw a sign at a convenience store outside of Merill, OR that at first I thought said “Biscuits and Gravity $3.99”. Of course, I was mistaken.


Cyberckrk@aol.com said...
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Lynne said...

Finn looks like a lot of fun and sounds a lot like a kid... that part about selective hearing.