29 June 2006

Random Thoughts (hey, every blog’s gotta have ‘em)

The word “crafts” has basically escaped my vocabulary ever since Finn came along. I’ve managed to cram in some quilt time (working as part of a quilting pair helps keep the fire lit), but I utterly failed to make cards for father’s day and emily’s birthday. Still haven’t managed to get an engagement card together for her, either. I have a necklace repair job that is getting completed about an inch at a time (when Finn decides it’s time to sit still for a minute). I have two other quilts on standby, and I have a baby dress I would like to make before the kid is no longer a baby. So many ideas, so much puppy energy.

But the puppy is well. He got his last set of parvovirus and distemper shots this week—meaning that we can take him to the park now! There’s supposed to be a great lakeside dog park not too far from our house: we’re planning on taking him there this weekend. Can’t wait. He gets along great with other dogs as long as he can interact with them. If they’re barking at him from behind a fence or even from inside a house, his fur stands on end and he gets skittish. Which means that even the tiniest, yappiest feeder dog will scare him, if it’s behind glass. If he can sniff the other dog and get close to him, then he’s good, even if the dog is huge and imposing.

His new shots also mean that we can enroll him in an obedience class! We have started some basic training, like Sit, Lie Down, Stay (he’s 80% on this one), Come, “Off” and I just started “Drop It”. We’re trying to teach him to sit at corners when we’re waiting to cross the street on walks, but I don’t know if he understands this or if he’s just sitting because he wants to while we’re standing there waiting. The biting continues, but the house breaking has made great strides in the last two weeks—there’s about a third of the amount of stuff in the house when we get home from work as there used to be. And incase anyone is keeping score, he weighed in at the vet at a whopping 29 pounds!

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