29 June 2006

One of those days

Last Monday was one of those days where all signs point to “go back to bed and try again tomorrow”. It all started as I was planning my trip to work….

I was planning on riding my bike to work this morning, after dropping my stuff off with the vanpool (the plan being that I would grab my stuff from the van after it beat me to the office—riding with my laptop strapped to my back royally sucks). Usually I just carry whatever clothes I am going to wear at the office in my bag, but since I was dropping it off at the van, I could just throw my clothes and lunch in the van too! Catch up with all of it 90 minutes later. But wait. How am I going to get my computer bag and a big old canvas bag of clothes and lunch to the parked van all on my bike? I know! Eric can leave the house a bit early and drive me and my bike to the van. Perfect! Frantically load all of my bike/work/lunch stuff into Eric’s car. Eric drives to the parked van. Unload all my stuff onto the ground near the van. Point out the closest I-5 on-ramp for Eric and he’s on his way to work. Start loading my stuff into the van….done. Now, get on my bike and start riding to work. Hm. Something feels funny. Ack! My head is naked! My bike helmet is in Eric’s car! Nooooooooo!!!! Now I am stuck at the van, with 30 minutes before it’s time to go, with nothing to read. Oh well.

Get to the office, shower (feeling very dumb that I am showering at work after NOT having ridden my bike in). Realize that I forgot to bring socks. Nooooooooo!!!! Ended up wearing GAP khaki pants, sweater top and bright blue Keen sandals (VERY good thing that I work where I do—not terribly fashion savvy).

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