06 June 2006

growing like a weed

We made some real progress over the weekend in terms of “settling in”. Most of the boxes are out of the house, the garage is under control, and we have pictures hanging on the walls. We’re in good shape now.

Finn continues to be an incredibly cute handful-and-a-half. Those puppy teeth sure are sharp! We built a fence for the “dog run” this weekend, as well as getting the front yard under control. We planted: Point Reyes Ceanothus, Meadow Sage, Atropupurea (Sedum), rock rose, Papaver somniferum, Helianthemum ‘Ben Nevis’ and ‘Wisley Primose’, two heathers: Erica cinera and Calluna vulgaris, a beach strawberry and a creeping chamomile. For a while, Finn had taken to pulling the hen & chick succulents out of the rock wall in the back yard and running around with them in his mouth. We saved about ten of them from his jaws and transplanted them to the front yard. He has taken to tearing through the vegetable garden, which seems to be doing fine, otherwise. I swear, he gets into the beds, turns around as if to say "Ha ha! Look where I am! Come and get me!" But he's training well. He does "sit", "lie down" and we're working on "stay" and "come". He gets "come" when he's interested, and he gets "stay" sometimes. But it's more like he understands the routine of sitting, then lying down, then waiting for us to walk away and then him joining us. He doesn't quite get the command part, just the timing. We've started to take him on regular, 'round the block walks -- he still has one round of vaccination shots to go, but we're uneasy with his being so sheltered, and besides, it tires him down right before bed. He's getting so big -- he's 16 pounds as of yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

My dog Snarff grew and chewed, and ransacked all the wonderful houseplants I had while she was a puppy. She still takes a convenient short cut through the recently planted flower bed at home. She looks straight at me and instead of going around, walks right through (or sits in) 6-8 inch high flowers and groundcover. Silly things they are, but in the absence of children, they are a very close second!