30 June 2006

garden update

The tomatoes are a veritable forest. We had to transplant the peppers to get them out of the tomato shade. The pumpkin plants are about the biggest thing in the garden, and have claimed one of the rows of corn as their own. There is one teeny tiny artichoke (my baby!), and we've already harvested some lettuce. The blueberry bush has fruit, as do the tomatoes and peppers. There's one onion about done, the others are coming along since we thinned them. The beans (to the far right of the picture -- there's a lot more than you can see here) are Finn's favorite (probably because he can see over them). The corn is about two feet tall, and speeding up. The carrots are still smallish, but are getting there. And that's the garden update.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you have a wonderful, if not over populated, garden. How are the bugs? I can't wait to see it.