30 May 2006

worried parents

Finn woke us up last night with a coughing attack that lasted a good ten minutes. He had us both very concerned. I had just located our local 24-hour animal health clinic's phone number in the yellow pages when he expelled a tiny chunk of kibble. He started behaving normally after that, biting and playing...mostly biting. Argh. We go to the vet again today for shots, we'll be sure to ask about the biting (I should post a photo of my scratched and punctured hands), and also enquire about dangerous plants in the back yard.

That's the other thing we did over the weekend: bought $200 worth of plants for the back yard and started planting them. We have a gigantic Japanese maple that shades a good portion of the yard, so shade-tolerance is a must for these plants. So we went with regional natives: salal and sword fern. We also got several different plants for the rock wall in the front yard (the sick cottoneaster has to go). And a blueberry bush for me. Yay.

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