17 May 2006

mouthing off

Finn has decided that fingers, arms, noses and hair taste pretty good, and he seems to prefer mine over Eric's. We're trying to teach him "no bite" by hiding our hands behind our backs when he goes for them (though that doesn't stop him from lunging for our shoulders), and immediately giving him a proper chewing toy, but it is slow going.
Yesterday I brought home an O-shaped rawhide toy, which he took to immediately (he doesn't like any of the toys that are rubbery-tasting or smelling (kong, rubber dumbell, tennis balls), just fuzzy or animal-part ones (squeaky plush alligator, bully bone, rawhide, rope toy). He usually chews his toys in silence, but he is very vocal when he plays with this rawhide O. He makes throaty sounds: not growling, not whining....just as though he were talking to it, or maybe telling me how much he likes it.