12 May 2006

Finn McCool

The first night with Finn was tough, just as we expected. He doesn’t like to be separated from us—me especially—for more than about five seconds. So when we attempted to crate him last night, he was having none of it. He whined and yowled and chewed on the metal parts of the crate, so we finally split the difference with him and I slept on the floor with him. He had some hiccups and some pretty intense dreams, but otherwise he seemed perfectly content to be snuggled up next to me all night.
I took him to the office this morning, where he was the star of the show. He was almost like one of those therapeutic animals you see on the evening news. Men, women, scientists and engineers, everyone loved him and wanted to pet him. The office manager (whom I rarely even see) held him three times, once on his chest has he leaned back in his executive chair. People I had never even seen in the office before came out of cubicles I didn’t even know were occupied to see him. He was friendly, if not tail-wagging thrilled, with everyone, but he seemed to go in short waves. He would wag his tail and trot along for a few minutes, giving kisses to people’s hands, then he would sort of “come down” and lie down, and fall fast asleep. He was everybody’s best friend from 9:30 to noon.
He follows at my heels at all times, to the point where I have to walk carefully so that my heels don’t hit his chin. He won’t go anywhere first, though he took to the office elevator faster than I was expecting. He was very mellow at the office, I had thought he was going to be wired or completely petrified and seeking a dark spot under the lobby couch. He likes his Bully Bone (dried bovine tendon, we think), his rope toy and the squeaky alligator Eric picked out, though his mouth isn’t quite big enough to activate the squeaker when he chews on it. He has the most beautiful dark grey and blue eyes and the tiniest freckles on his nose. He is not a fan of car rides, or of the manual lawnmower Eric and I intercepted from a co-worker’s dump run this evening. He likes the sound of air blowing across the top of a beer bottle (he does the classic puppy head tilt to this), and he is way cuter in person than he looks in his photos.
I think he’s going to be an awesome dog.

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