26 April 2006

settling in

I’m sure I’ll tire of these chores soon, but I’ll enjoy them now while they are still novel. Hauling the trash can to the curb (I have a “trash day”!), sweeping the dropped blooms from the camellia bush….

I took the Vanpool to work this morning. A built-in three mile walk to and from the pick-up spot will be good for me. I’ve gotten entirely too lazy as of late.

No sooner do we get to begin to unpack than we pack up again and head to OKC for Lisa and Colin’s wedding. I am looking forward to the trip—I have spent almost no time at all in the middle of our country. Also a side trip to Austin, to see Heather and Stephen. I was just perusing the road atlas and maybe I’ll try for a side trip to the side trip, just to get a photo of the city limit sign of Democrat, Texas.

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