26 April 2006

settling in

I’m sure I’ll tire of these chores soon, but I’ll enjoy them now while they are still novel. Hauling the trash can to the curb (I have a “trash day”!), sweeping the dropped blooms from the camellia bush….

I took the Vanpool to work this morning. A built-in three mile walk to and from the pick-up spot will be good for me. I’ve gotten entirely too lazy as of late.

No sooner do we get to begin to unpack than we pack up again and head to OKC for Lisa and Colin’s wedding. I am looking forward to the trip—I have spent almost no time at all in the middle of our country. Also a side trip to Austin, to see Heather and Stephen. I was just perusing the road atlas and maybe I’ll try for a side trip to the side trip, just to get a photo of the city limit sign of Democrat, Texas.

22 April 2006

jingling keys

after participating in the March of Dimes Walk America event this morning, we picked up our new house keys! We've got the apartment mostly packed up, and tomorrow we collect Matt from the airport, the moving truck from the rental place, a couple of Eric's co-workers, Amy and Andrew, and we load up the truck. Then a pizza dinner, drive over to the house, and check it out. We drove by it again this morning -- the Japanese maple in the backyard has leafed out beautifully. I look forward to many lazy summer weekends under its canopy.

18 April 2006


Thoughts for my birthday…
You’re older than you’ve ever been
And now you’re even older
And now you’re even older
And now you’re even older
You’re older than you’ve ever been
And now you’re even older
And now you’re older still.
(they might be giants)

Seriously, 29 is OK. All of our mortgage paperwork was drawn up on my birthday, so it’s like I got a house for my birthday!

Speaking of which, we signed our lives away on the dotted line today. We close on Thursday and move into our home on Sunday. We’re still very excited. We drove by the house on Friday – just to see it – it was dusk and the lights were on...it just glowed. We walked around Home Depot on Saturday, not shopping for anything in particular, just getting a feel for it since I know we’ll make many trips there in the future.

In other news, Eric has taken up homebrewing. His first batch is a IPA...and a little flat. But drinkable, and if it only gets better from here, we’re in good shape.

top photo: Eric and his first batch fermenting away in the carboy

bottom photo: Eric looking a little skeptical before having his first sip

05 April 2006

new chapter

We got the house! We are so excited! This is by far the best house we saw in our month of intense looking. We move in a couple of weeks -- yipes! better get packing! (you can't see me, but I am doing a little dance).

04 April 2006

we need all the good vibes we can get

We're putting an offer in on a house today. They're reviewing all offers at 7:30 this evening, so we should know by 8:00 if they've accepted our offer or not. Here's hoping! It's an adorable 2 bed, 1 bath 1940s era house on a corner lot, with a detached garage and a fantastic garden all ready to go. It's in the Maple Leaf neighborhood, which is a totally cute area. Cross your fingers and send your best vibes!