12 February 2006

the sweetest thing...

...is my niece Emma. She is just fantastic. I hadn't seen her since christmas last year, and I don't expect that she remembered me ("Auntie Andi"), but when I followed her out into the back yard, she gave me flowers, let me push her on the swing, and served me some steaming sand soup. Later she was munching on a banana and came to sit next to me on the couch -- she actually scooted herself over and snuggled up on my side. My heart just about melted. She's a tiny ball of non-stop energy with a strong set of lungs, but a load of fun.

That said, I am perfectly happy without kids, thankyouverymuch. I've got it made -- I get my fix of infants, toddlers and other assorted young folk through friends and family and I go back to my childless life perfectly satisfied.

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