14 February 2006


To Do:
*Download digital photos from the snazzy new toy
*Figure out how to get said photos onto some sort of photo hosting dealie
*Quilt, quilt, quilt
*Make chocolate pixies for Jana and Mike
*Clean the bathroom (wince)
*Laundry (like you wouldn’t believe)

*Thank you cards to folks in San Diego

*Shop for a coffee maker (yes, really)

*Reading…The Kite Runner (a gift from Karen and this year’s Everybody Reads book in Portland—I’ll be participating from afar)
*Eating…entirely too much. We just ate and ate and ate in San Diego. Back to smaller plates.

*Crafting…the aforementioned quilt projects, also some jewelry. Really getting close to ordering some real jewelry making equipment (bench pin, saw, etc).

Activities on deck:
*Cross-country skiing with Eric (who has never been, and I who have only been once to speak of—the blind leading the blind), though the weather this weekend is not looking great. Maybe we’ll go for downhill this weekend.
*Geocaching and/or regular old hiking (ditto on the weather conditions)
*Somehow eliminating jiggly tummy in time for Lisa’s wedding in April
*Contact a mortgage consultant and realtor (yipes!)

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