07 February 2006

rocky mountain bliss

A bit of traveling for me these days. Friend of twenty years (!) Karen and I took our annual trip this year to Denver and Keystone, Colorado, where we proceeded to ski our little brains out. We visited our childhood friend Jana and her husband, Mike. The skiing amounted to three days of Rocky Mountain bliss. The lodgings were top notch, the company was excellent and the conditions were outstanding. A little cold on the second day, but the nothing that a warm drink couldn’t cure.

Then this last weekend Eric and I went to Portland for a look around the old stomping ground. Even in six months lots has changed. I headed to NW 23rd to kick it with my knitting at my favorite coffee shop, only to find it now a white-linened restaurant. Visited with friends on Saturday and then spent two full hours at Powells (felt more like 20 minutes). Headed home, but not without stopping for one last tax-free shopping spree (latest model digital camera….not bad).

Next weekend we’re off to San Diego for a whirlwind visit to friends and family. Quite the jetsetters, aren’t we?

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