14 February 2006

home sweet home

Before leaving San Diego, we visited with my cousin Kristen, who is in her second quarter at UCSD. She is so mature and intellectually inspired, I can’t help but try to remember what I was like at that age. It was only ten years ago, but I am sure I was not as globally aware as she is.

We returned to Seattle last night to a layer of slushy snow on our street. We were in disbelief at first, instead theorizing that the cherry trees had bloomed and then promptly shed their petals while we were away. The snow (which really more closely resembles a flavorless Slurpy) remained on the cars and on the side of the road this morning, and then it started snowing again as I waited for the Vanpool. Back to February in the Pacific Northwest and a few more months before spring is here.

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Anonymous said...

Andi - I've been up Mt. Gardner, but in the summer time. We should do some things like hiking together in the summer when I return from OH.